Situated in the heart of Monte Casino, Fourways, Lima Tapas Bar is a unique Latin American infused venue that brings together art, food and music. “Our cuisine inspired by the food of the great Andean civilizations of South America that for thousands of years cultivated plants and herbs, such as corn, avocados, chilli-peppers,

 peanuts and chocolate” though it has adapted to suit local palates. Focusing on their unique appearance, Lima takes pride in the way that they serve their food and beverages, such as a cocktail being served in a bird cage with an origami bird to accompany it, a tequila cocktail served in a teapot, wooden serving boards as plates and scrumptious desserts served in a glass bowls on a wooden platters.

They often have themed soirées that resonate with the venue. These events are aimed at giving the customer a great night out where they can enjoy good food and drinks, then dance the night away in their upper-class bar area with multiple DJs playing there. Their Carnival themed party that had 7 DJs entertaining the crowds, food to please and drinks to inspire. Their food offering includes grilled Prawns, Nachos, pulled-pork Tacos, Jalapeño Poppers, Chicken Skewers, and many other delicious dishes.

This is the place to add to your list of musts! Lima offers you a chance to get away from all the hustle and bustle and allows you to enter a different world. You go from everyday life, into a world filled with Latin American culture, food, decor, and drinks. Click here for more information on Lima Tapas Bar