To quote the cliché “laughter is the best medicine” might seem predictable, but then you walk out of an amazing comedy show and on your drive home you realise how your troubles were a distant memory while watching the comedians perform and you realise how applicable that cliché really is.

That’s how it feels watching both Joey Rasdien and Jason Goliath perform on the same stage, though we only had a taste of what’s on offer with at their upcoming shows at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City. These two comedians have completely thrown the box away and their sets for The Live Series with Joey Rasdien (4 & 5 August) and The Live Series with Jason Goliath (18 & 19 August) will have you in stitches.

Joey Rasdien has been in this industry for 14 years becoming one of SA’s most recognisable and successful stand-up comedians. His work has inspired many aspiring and now successful stand-up comedians and we wanted to find out more about how he goes about preparing a set.

How has your style of doing stand-up comedy changed over the years?
My style of delivery has always been consistent and hasn’t changed much. My material has obviously changed over the years, but I am able to push the comedic boundary little more when it comes to my material. Fans of comedy have grown immensely, so have their acceptance and understanding of comedy.

Do you still use the same methods of developing your set?
As a foundation, yes. Most of my comedic sets are based on a collection of POV’s (point of view). A good POV attaches a strong emotion to a topic, making it relatable and far easier to write, but recently I have been trying to impart a message that the audience can take home with as well.

How do you take complex material, format it so you can memorise it, and make it funny?
I guess it’s trying to speak about topics others don’t speak about. Developing material is quite layered and complex, there is a process behind it and most of the time material needs to be tested on smaller stages first. Being authentic, honest and enjoying your own material is key. You can memorise the order of a set or the journey you want to take the audience on, but can’t get stuck in memorising sets and jokes verbatim. You can’t copy and paste on every stage. There are many uncontrollable factors from the type of audience you are performing to, to how much time you have on stage.

What can we expect from you at The Live Series?
I think you gave hints already but I will speak about the error of parallax and acronyms amongst other things. I try to make my comedy thought-provoking and I like to challenge people’s perceptions, their point of views and references. Our centre of judgement, values, and the way we do things are based on our culture, upbringing and experiences. We are all different. I like to think my sets remind people that there are people on the other side of your issue who are just as passionate about their position as you are about yours.

It’s incredibly exciting to see a comedy legend like Joey Rasdien perform. Tickets to see Joey Rasdien and Jason Goliath are available at If you miss these live performances, you will kick yourself. These shows will be recorded and made available but if life happens while you made plans to see the show, then remember to watch it on DSTV’s Box Office.

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