We may live in a time where suits are becoming less common in the workplace, but the workhorse of a man’s wardrobe remains relevant. Don’t let a great suit to go to waste on a hanger. Instead, think of the blazer and trousers as two ingredients to use with your everyday look. Once you start thinking less of them as a pair, and more like two pieces you can wear with anything, you unlock the true style potential of one of menswear’s most classic items.

Trousers make an excellent substitute for a pair of jeans or chinos and a less casual vibe to sneakers or street-ready items like coach jackets. A blazer can dress up a bold floral shirt or light–washed pair of denim in the same way. When you inject a welcomed dose of classic tailoring onto any outfit, it makes the entire look stand out in a way that tells everyone that you totally know what you’re doing.

When the weather is warm, lightweight blazers and trousers are especially helpful in taking your wardrobe to that ‘sweet spot’ where you’re in between being overly casual and fully formal. After all, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously so why should it be the same for your suit?