The allure and the value of a diamond is determined by the quality of the stone and not it’s origin, and since they can be manufactured, the colour of your stone isn’t much of a factor either.

Inception Diamonds is the producer of these magical stones. Ross Reed describes the manufacturing process as a marriage between science and nature. This high-heat and high-pressure combination mimics the conditions that cause the formation of diamonds within the earths mantle.Coloured stones are conventionally kept in safety-deposit boxes and vaults as their worth makes it impractical to wear the stone. This is now a thing of the past.

The diamonds are harvested after a few weeks and are also raw like mined stones. These raw forms then go through the same processes to be cut, polished and inscribed so that they do not pass as mined stones.

There are only two difference between the stones which are created and those which are mined. The one difference is the stones, and the other, the price. Testing the diamonds is the only way to be sure, measuring the strength of the stone is the only way to determine it’s authenticity and the results are¬†exactly the same as mined stones.

Affordability and elegance can finally be put in the same sentence, go for it, spoil yourself.