Marc Hendricks, also known as the singing doctor, is a paediatric oncologist at the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town. He entered the music industry in the early 1990’s and has since been growing in leaps and bounds, from sharing his musical talents in Hospital waiting rooms, working on collaborations and today, releasing his first solo album, Upright Citizen.

Coming from a musical family, Marc had music engraved in his genealogy. Upright Citizen which features 11 original songs was launched early this year at Artscape, and it safe to say that it became the talk of the town. From the beginning of the first track Beautiful Broken, all the way to the last track, Storybook, Marc takes you on a musical and soulful jazz experience each evoking the imagination and feelings left untapped. His subtle yet impactful vocals produce beautiful full-colour images in your imagination, allowing you to escape and get lost in the melodic moment.

His choice of musical accompaniment is one which cannot go unmentioned. This album will ignite your appreciation of bass, cello, drums, flute, guitar, saxophone, violin, viola, percussion, trumpet, and trombone, which all worked together seamlessly to make each track magical.

Like a Girl which is by far a personal favourite. The pairing of the vocals and saxophone on this song are simply flawless as I picture a lazy Sunday afternoon outside enjoying the light summer breeze and all natures’ splendour. I would strongly recommend that you give this album a listen!