7 year-old Prince Mashawana, better known in the superhero realm as SuperMash, is the country’s first black child fictional superhero, who encourages young kids to see themselves as heroes. The idea is for him to be the friend that can share his superpowers, and this is unleashed by wearing the SuperMash wrist band.

Not only will children be better equipped to meet and overcome challenges if they see themselves as superheros, but they will also learn the true depth of the power within themselves as they assume personal responsibility, grow emotionally and boost self-awareness.

Rainbow Nation Comics, a South African comic book publisher that creates original, authentic and proudly South African Superhero Stories has partnered with Prince to take his concept to a fully professional level that will see readers entertained with the added benefit of having options to own the merchandising.

Prince has worked actively with Phemelo Dibodu, story writer and editor, and Omphile Dibodu, illustrator and creative director. ‘It’s been a wonderful experience,’ says Phemelo Dibodu. ‘We have no doubt SuperMash is going to have a very positive impact on his readers, and this comes as no surprise when you meet Prince himself. He is a passionate and smart young man, and we think his social business idea is going to go a very long way in South Africa – to everyone’s benefit.’

SuperMash brings hope to our youth, through his comic book which covers topics that resonate with our South African young people, like substance abuse, child abuse, being homeless, being adopted, the effects of divorce, balancing schoolwork and extra mural activities, bullying, discrimination, violence at schools and unsafe housing.

“I wanted to lead by example by showing kids that they are not the only ones in the World going through difficult challenges or that the world is against them. The issues are something I see every day at school or when someone tells me about them, and I question myself on how I can do better for kids who my age.” says SuperMash. 

He is now aware of the Corona Virus epidemic and wants to offer his support to kids struggling with Self-Isolation and being quarantined

“I just want every young person to know that they are not alone, my one wish for South Africa is for kids to be in a home with loving parents, food on the table and a roof over their heads. For kids to be safe from harm. For kids to go to school and have positive role models to look up to. I feel bad for kids that sought sanctuary and a meal at school and who now have to stay at home. I want to encourage all kids to dream big and never give up on them.”