Getting out of town and into the wild doesn’t have to cost you the entire weekend, or take hours out of you day, as long as you know where to go! MoAfrika Tours will take you on a one-day adventure that will make your Instagram followers green with envy!

South Africa is one of the best places to go on safari and the one-day tour of the Pilanesberg National Park will be a day well spent. We’d recommend driving yourself to the park, for convenience and comfort, but you can opt to be fetched from home, anywhere in Johannesburg. The day will then include entrance to the park, lunch and a drink at the Pilanesberg Center, as well as a morning and afternoon drive through the park by a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

From amateur photographers to tourists looking for a relaxed day spent cruising slowly along the bends and twists of the road, Pilanesberg day safaris are made to be remembered. With the day tours, you will be taken to some of the best places in the park, those known for their wildlife sightings. This is one of South Africa’s most unique game reserves.

There is plenty of history attached to the park that has given the area its unique look. The park is situated within the crater of a now extinct volcano. This means the soil is lush, providing plenty of food for the wildlife and the rock formations.

The Pilanesberg is home to roughly 7000 animals and around 300 species of birds. Seeing most of the Big 5 is a tall ask on most drives, but in the Pilanesberg it’s easier than you’d think. Besides the education and experiencing wildlife in their preferred habitat, the biodiversity and natural splendor of the landscape makes for a day of insta-worthy moments that should be shared with family and friends.

Contact MoAfrika for their 2019/2020 rates and availability for our day trip packages. MoAfrika has three fantastic day tours that you can choose from, and each is ideal for single visitors, couples and whole families. Then there is the option of going for a more luxury day tour option, one that is designed to be more inclusive than your average day safari.