For the longest time I have been a fan of bubbly and I couldn’t imagine dining out without a bottle of good bubby or wine. I have never been entirely convinced when it comes to gin, but I do however have to confess that I have been bitten by the gin bug and I am unashamedly loving it.

When I attend the launch of Musgrave Crafted gin, the event redefined my entire outlook on how gin can be consumed. Simone Musgrave, the founder of Musgrave Gin shared her story on how she got into the business of distilling and the process she went through to produce Musgrave. She went into great detail about how Musgrave Gin has 11 botanicals and how it is born from the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route.

When we got to my favourite part, the tasting, we started off with the Musgrave 11 Premium, which notes of aromatic Cardamom, African Ginger (Whitei Mondei) and Grains of Paradise. These botanicals are reminiscent of the perfumes found at spice markets. My favourite, the Musgrave Pink Gin has all of the spice and flavours of the Musgrave 11 however, it has been toned down to be gentler and less spicy, to bring out the floral of the rosehips and the infused rosewater.

Both these gins can be enjoyed neat and the Pink gin leaves a beautiful Turkish delight after taste. “Musgrave Gin is no ordinary spirit – it is an artisan gin celebrated for its top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise.