Take Dad on an aromatic journey through the East with just the strike of a match, with the new, limited edition Oud Orient moisturising candle from SoyLites.

Oud is a fragrant resin from the wood of the rare Agar tree and has been used for centuries throughout the East as a highly prized ingredient in perfumes. It has a complex aromatic scent, blending the smoky notes of musk with the warm, earthy sweetness of wood.

For its latest candle launch, SoyLites has a hint of amber oil. This honey-like, rich scent uplifts and calms the mind (and is even said to stimulate the libido).

Like all SoyLites candles, the limited edition Oud Orient candle is made from 100% natural, cosmetic-grade soybean oil. It is free of any GMOs, chemicals, parabans and petroleum ingredients, and is officially endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.

The Oud Orient also does double duty as both a fragrant candle and a luxurious moisturising oil. Dad simply dips a finger into the pool of warm oil around the wick and applies the oil directly to his skin, for a nourishing, scented skin treatment packed with anti-oxidant vitamin E and restorative lecithin.

The Oud Orient candle comes in a sleek, dark charcoal, 220 ml glass tumbler, and retails for a suggested price of R240. In celebration of Father’s Day, receive a free Oud For Men Natural Lip Balm with every purchase of a Oud Orient SoyLites Candle. Offer valid until 30th June 2018.