This Cape Town Based designer is definitely a force to be reckoned with. His handcrafted gladiator sandals had me in AWE the minute I saw them.

‘’Omvli (meaning the source of life) was founded in 2013. It merely started out as a platform to express my thoughts and ideas of shoes and accessories. Two years later I decided to turn it into a business. One that would create timeless pieces that echo the sentiments of our multi-cultural/faceted continent of Africa.’’ Says Somila

No doubt the fashion industry in Africa is making waves and growing by second. I’m glad to see it is not all about dresses and suits but bags, shoes and belts also. “I do well with things that keep my attention – so it was only natural to create products that inspire me and that I obsessively love.” What says – outfit complete – better than a timeless accessory?

Somila recently collaborated with Imprint by (Mzukisi Mbane ) at South Africa men’s fashion week which was held in Cape Town earlier this year. “We recently added tote-bags to the latest range, and since they were congenial to Imprint’s collection we agreed that it was the perfect time to introduce them to the public. Trust me they are a must have!”

Somila will not only be launching his new range on the 1st of June but also his online store, in the mean time you can check him out on social media.