Do you know your raw from your revival? From 1950s workwear overalls to 1970s biker patches, denim is going back to its roots. This movement is driven by a global gang of vintage-obsessed who are as likely to ask how many times you’ve washed your jeans to get them as white as they are, even though you bought them. With 50% of the world’s population wearing denim at any given time, the appeal of a particular pair of blue jeans could lie in many things, the cut, comfort, functionality or the fade, but there’s one thing that unites all denim collectors; the search for authenticity.

For true denim aficionados, quality and durability are the focus, with a special emphasis on functional details that have their own story to tell. Perhaps that’s in modern craftsmanship or perhaps it’s a well-worn vintage piece. It’s hard to imagine wearing
other garments from the 1870s every single day. While vintage denim enthusiasts vary in their approach “ I just love a good wash and an old pair of jeans”, some things never go out of style.