Thinking ahead will often save you money. Last-minute decisions or leaving things until they become a crisis generally don’t. It’s why prepping your home for winter is usually time well invested.

Here are a few easy steps to keep the could out:

  1. Insulate your home. Not only will you save electricity, but it’ll be easier to keep warm if there is more loadshedding.
  2. Check your doors and windows for draughts. It’s relatively easy to fit self-adhesive rubber seals to the bottom of doors which are letting cold air in. Alternatively, you can make or buy a sausage-dog draught-stopper to block the gap.
  3. Curtains are better than blinds for keeping out the cold. Just remember to close them at sunset to keep the warm air in.
  4. Check if you have a geyser blanket. Heating water requires up to 40% of household electricity usage, so insulating your geyser will save you money . Geyser blankets are around R300 on average.

DirectAxis’ chief marketing officer, Marlies Kappers, says the experts agreed that preventing problems is always less expensive than fixing them afterwards. “Thinking ahead and spending a little on some basic household maintenance will save money in the long run. .”