As South Africans, we love chicken just as much as we love trying something new. We’re a country that enjoys rich flavours, quality products and value for money, and with Popeye’s being the second largest chicken franchise in the world, it was only a matter of time before it opened its doors in SA.

When it comes to trying out new  brands, we’re a little sceptical at first, so we sat down with Jaye Sinclair, the CEO for Popeye’s South African and he revealed how his love-affair with this brand was ignited in 2002 when he met one of the largest Popeye’s franchisees in the USA.

The taste and the brand captivated him and he had to bring it home. This process was not without its difficulties. Localising the products was a challenging process as suppliers had to adhere to strict international standards. Staffing a brand new

business was another challenge but was overcome by working with a youth employment agency that saw 60% of their staff being hired for the first time.

The taste and offering is the most important aspect to consumers and honestly, it’s definitely worth the try! Let’s start with their sweet-potato fries, chicken with less oil, softer meat, a crunchy coating and the spice profile adapted for the South African consumer. When you do give it a try, you’ll thank us.