There are so many perceptions about peels, that finding the right one is truly essential. Your skin naturally sheds itself after 28 days but having a Green peel will accelerates the process giving you that glow after only 5 days. Dr Reza Mia offers this treatment using the all natural Herbal peeling products by Dr. Schrammek which have been dermatologically developed for over 60 years. 

Depending on your skin type and the results you’re looking for, you have the choice of either the Classic, Energy or Fresh-up treatment methods. They start off by analysing the skin so to get optimal results. Your skin is then cleansed and purified, then use the mixture of herbs is added onto the skin as the exfoliator. 

The herbs used penetrate your skin, so you feel a tingling sensation, but the treatment is not painful at all. The active ingredients target pigmentation, to lighten the skin and helps reduce the signs of ageing, those fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin. 

Once the herbs have been applied, they are massaged into the skin. Depending on the pressure and duration fo the massage, you’ll have an indication of whether your skin will peel or not. Mostly, there is slight flaking, not intense peeling.

Slight redness and tingling skin are normal after the treatment. Touching your skin is not recommended but reapply SPF when your outdoors to make sure your skin is protected. Flaking  conventionally starts the second or third day after your treatment, depending on the dead skin cells that you had.

Going into the sun within a week of your treatment is not recommended and using the post-kit is important. The kit contains an SPF sun-protection, a blemish balm and a moisturiser. You can use it for the week after each peel, then put it away and carry on with your normal skincare routine thereafter.  

Now your skin will be looking brighter and rejuvenated. Now go out there and own the day! PS, this treatment does wonders for stretch marks, so you have a lot to gain!