Chester Missing is one of the most famous faces in South Africa, but he’s moving away from the TV screen and will be at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre at Montecasino from 25 April to 27 May 2018. In his latest show offering, Puppet Guy, Conrad Koch – the man often mistakenly called ‘Chester’ – takes a step back from politics and will be offering audiences the lighter side of comedy ventriloquism.

I wanted to explore having fun with ventriloquism this time around. Puppet Guy is a change of pace from the more political content I normally do.  I still keep it relevant and topical, but it’s more playful.  There is a lot more audience participation and I’ve introduced new characters that I’ve made with things I’ve found lying around,” says Conrad, a double Emmy-nominated comedian and award-winning ventriloquist.

Jeff Dunham can step aside because South Africa also has homegrown stars in this arena. The Puppet Guy presents hilarious characters and world-class entertainment. It showcases the man behind the puppets other than just being political bad-boy, Chester Missing’s ‘backing guy’.

The comedy ensemble includes outrageous puppet characters like Hilton – a dancing ostrich made from feather dusters and a slipper; DJ Hoodie, a DJ made from sunglasses and a hoodie, as well as some other surprising new characters, and of course, Chester Missing brings his shenanigans to the stage too.

Puppet Guy runs from 25 April to 27 May at the Studio Theatre at Montecasino (Fourways).  Tickets available at Computicket or click here for more information.  The show carries a PG13 age restriction.