rAge Expo, South Africa’s biggest annual video gaming, technology and geek culture exhibition, has been bringing people together for almost two decades. But sadly, for the first time in 18 years, the legendary home of the NAG LANis being cancelled due to COVID-19.

The 2020 expo was shaping up to be yet another awesome event, and the team is deeply saddened that rAge won’t be coming to life in the real world this year. This isn’t a decision that was taken lightly. It was the product of lengthy internal discussions as well as valued input from other stakeholders, and the team all agreed that the expo would serve everyone better if it was cancelled for now.

The coronavirus pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, and rAge’s primary responsibility is making sure that fans, exhibitors, partners and staff stay safe. At this stage, there is also no indication as to when lockdown restrictions may be lifted, or when it will be safe to be around crowds of people.

Michael James, Founder and Project Manager of rAge, says, “We’re a resilient bunch. So, we’re working on an online version of rAge, in the spirit of the technology and inventiveness that drives the expo. rAge has always been much bigger than the building that contains it. So, bringing South Africa’s fabled gaming and pop culture icon to the online world makes sense.