Conventionally drips are only associated to people who are in need of medical care, but have you ever thought of being used to give you the boost you desperately need especially after a long month?

Reviv offers you just that! There are different vitamin drips you can choose from that get you back on your feet. The focus is wellness, and getting you rehydrated and feeling at your best. The treatments available are; the Hydromax, Vitaglow and the Royal Flush. Each treatment is unique, but all of them will help with stress, hangovers and fatigue.

If you’d like to boost your weight loss, or you need a vitamin B12 injection, Reviv in Sandton is where to go. You’ll have to consult a nurse before you have your treatment, to make sure that your blood pressure is fine and that your overall wellness allows you get the most out of it.

Treatments differ in length on time, because all our bodies are different, but make sure that you have about an hour of free time. P.S. There is wifi and a comfortable lounge area so you can catch up with all the latest that The Vibe ZA has to offer! Reviv will soon be all across the country, so check out for more.