Today, global superstar Sam Smith releases their brand new single and breath-taking video for “I’m Ready” with international music sensation Demi Lovato.

“I’m Ready”, announced by Sam and Demi through an Instagram live earlier this week, is an unashamed slice of pop perfection from these two incredible singers. The new single stands out as an anthem, a bold declaration by the pair that they are ready to be loved. Their emotive lyrics are perfectly reinforced by pulsating basslines and impressive riffs, as their vocals are carried over a powerful gospel chorus.

Alongside the new single is the incredible music video which sees Sam, Demi and a host of other characters take part in an Olympics of their own. Working with award-winning director Jora Frantzis (Cardi B, Rosalia) and renowned choreographer Sean Bankhead (Normani, Missy Elliot), the video shows scenes of wrestling, diving, synchronised swimming, gymnastics and a 100m race, culminating in a medal ceremony with Sam and Demi as the song reaches its epic climax.