Hip hop dancers don’t always have the platform to exhibit their work, luckily this is changing. It’s Cleo Notcutt’s vison that is giving the best crews in SA the chance to take centre stage and show off what they can do. That is the birth and purpose of both Joburg and Cape Town’s Most Wanted. The inspiration stated 8 years ago in Cape Town, with Cleo’s parents who are also in the arts. Her father took notice of the dance crews and had the idea of putting together a hip-hop production. Initially conceptualised for the market in Cape Town the first performance took place in a 170-seater venue. Cape Towns Most Wanted has grown to where it can be seen on the stage of the Artscape theatre and has also made its mark in Joburg.

The issue with the promotion of dance events like these is because the public only has limited access to information about these events. “If you wanted to see a dance crew you have to go to a dance competition. The only way you really know about a dance competition is if you’re friends with a dancer because they spread the word among their friends.” says Cleo. This event is specifically curated to expose these dancers in a theatre and to expose the general public to what they offer.

This show has become something crews want to be apart of, something to strive towards. It encourages unity and has 200 dancers backstage waiting to thrill the crowd with their performance.

The Most Wanted crews now get the opportunity to be seen. They are also allowed to explore and use their creativity on stages where lighting, design and a moving set all play a role in the performance. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of this sort of excitement, Cape Towns and Joburgs Most Wanted is not a production to be missed!