The intricacies behind the The Six Dogs 2020 harvest Pinotage Stained Gin coms as such a delight once you’ve experienced the actual gin. From the time you raise the bottle it out of the eye-catching box and see the glorious and interesting colour of the gin, to enjoying the notes of black cherry, plum, black-currant and some tannin, the gin does not disappoint.

It’s an easy drinking gin with fruity tones best enjoyed on its own, so you can take it in, and enjoy it after a long day. Six Dogs is such a loved brand and from the first instagram story, the questions started streaming in about this new release. Needless to say after adding some ice and tonic, there is no looking back! Available at selected retailers and ecommerce stores, speciality liquor stores and through Six Dogs directly, the Pinotage Stained gin comes highly recommended by even some of the most picky gin drinkers we know.

This lovechild of Six Dogs Gin and their neighbour’s recently harvested Pinotage grapes is a match made in gin-heaven. First launched in the winter of 2019, Six Dogs Pinotage Stained Gin disrupted the local gin market with its infusion of the proudly South African cultivar.

Like the wine variant, Six Dogs Pinotage Stained is deep in colour and bold in flavour. While each year’s grapes bring unique (albeit subtle) variants in taste, the juniper-forward flavour is consistent, as is the quality and care that goes into crafting Six Dogs Gin.

Last year, the product received rave reviews from gin aficionados. Local gin critic, Louis Janse Van Rensburg, better known as the Bearded Gin Guy, took notice: “What we have here is innovation and growth and something that could possibly attract a whole new wave of people to the [gin] category,” he said.

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