A second and even third income offers opportunities for people to not only make money more but to live their creative freedom and help others. The story of Snatch That Deal is similar as “Caps are what we experimented with as a start and busy working on expanding the brand soon” says Director Devon Fredericks.

Giving buyers what they want is the most important thing, and in the process Devon and his husband Keegan are doing the same. “I have always wanted to be my own boss. Both my husband and myself love Tech and I stumbled across drop shipping and then the more I got into it the more I was learning and got me excited about life again. I also had less risk seeing that I am able to do my day time job and do my e-commerce business after hours.”

There is also more to the story than just making money. “Our Brand is basically not just for selling our own brand but helping other brands (small business) that are struggling to sell their items just on social media seeing that they don’t have a website or don’t know how to ship across the country thus the name snatchthatdeal.”

Producing merchandise to suit every taste is never easy. Snatch That Deal has used a very interesting logo, Devon explain why; “The Trident stands for reflection of the past, present and the future, thus reflecting on one’s journey and leading to what is ahead.”

Starting this kind of business is challenging, but “I think the LGBTQ community has been our biggest supporters and we have no words how to say thank you. Yes you will be seeing more. We are learning, experimenting and teaching ourselves what will work and what needs to be taken back to the drawing board.”

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