It was difficult writing this article because I wasn’t sure where to begin, how do you sum up the future of the South African music industry, which is exactly what Storm represents? He is a trail blazer and proof that not only America can showcase young, dynamic talent like him.

As teens, we all hoped to be ‘discovered’ and then to be thrust into the limelight but for Storm, it has been a process of following his passion and now living his dream. Being 18 years old and working hard to become and remain successful is surely straining, but he admits that he is most critical and puts the most pressure on himself.

He relates quite a bit to Justin Bieber as he’s experiencing what Justin did when he started out. Storm also aims at sustaining a successful lifelong music career, starting by applying the work ethic of established artists and eventually touring the world.

It’s not all glamorous, as success stems from the long hours spent in the recording studio creating the sound best suited to his voice. As he grows older and develops as an artist, he realises that his sound is also changing. His look has adapted to his more contemporary rock sound and he believes that change is always good and knows that being able to reinvent himself will keep him relevant in the long run.

He describes himself as level headed. Although he enjoys the attention that he gets from his fans, he remains approachable. He really looks up to local band Prime Circle, working with one of their members on his new album which is said to be a game changer. Storm definitely has what it takes to make it in the industry, so keep an eye out for this star on the rise. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Photos by: Johan Venter