Award winning actor, producer and director, Thapelo Mokoena is taking his passion for mentorship and sharing as well as his love for wine to greater heights with the launch of two YouTube Series aimed at opening up audiences to these worlds. Nero TV invites wine lovers for conversations about all things wine and it also educates consumers about some of the best wines available in South Africa. The show is set to delight consumers by not only sharing Mokoena’s journey as a winemaker through his brand Nero wines, but also broaden the conversation by including other wine makers and brands, so consumers are fully immersed in the rich story of local and international wines.

In addition to this platform, Thapelo Mokoena will also be introducing a new offering called The Artist corner aimed at existing and aspiring actors and actresses. As part of this offering Thapelo will sit with entertainment industry experts and share some industry experiences and insights in a bid to equip those on the come up and those in the game with tools that will enable growth in their artistic journeys.

“As an artist you receive so many requests for shadowing and mentorship, but it is impossible to sit with everyone across the table and mentor them so we have used the power of technology to democratize success in the entertainment industry by opening up this world, so that artists can be able to learn fundamental aspects of the industry from heavy weights they are inspired by and look up to,” said Thapelo Mokoena.

Both offerings will be available on YouTube by subscribing to Nero TV and fans can follow these two pages for weekly episodes.