Becoming a successful entrepreneur is the dream of many young South Africans have, but being able to find a gap in a luxury market, is not something a lot of people have been able to do. Ross Reid from Inception Diamonds first fell in love with diamonds when he witnessed the journey of a diamond from rough to polished. Now, having been lured into this business by lab-created diamonds, he has brought ethical, sustainable and quality products to the local diamond consumer.

The interaction with clients excites him. He is the man who makes many people happy especially as these diamonds are not as heavily priced as mined stones, but education around lab-created diamonds is key. Ross makes sure the consumer is aware of what they are buying and the social responsibility behind this product. Inception Diamonds also makes sure to look at different avenues to give back. “Our philosophy is to start at home, and we look to train young and local individuals in our industry from polishing to grading.” says Reid.

As with all competing products entering an established market, Inception Diamonds faced inevitable backlash but as the industry grows it is becoming more and more accepted by all. “We’re here to stay.” Says Reid.  Inception Diamonds are also the perfect purchase because “it allows you to have more diamond for your budget. You are either able to get a bigger, brighter and more brilliant diamond or save between 40-50%. Not to mention the fact that you are contributing to limiting the damage to the earth and our environment.” said Reid.

“We move no land, water or any other physical features and are working towards becoming completely carbon neutral by using solar energy to power our machines.” Visit Inception Diamonds on their website today and own a guilt-free piece of eternal beauty.