The Federal is located in the mini food district of 7th Street in Melville. The location is perfect as I’m always spoilt for choice when in Melville. I read a lot but for some odd reason I had never stumbled across anything on the Federal.

This restaurant offers casual dining which specialises in American inspired cuisine. This restaurant is perfect for catching up with friends, having a business meeting or celebrating a special

The Federal is cheek and has the daintiest rustic feel to it you can’t help but want to dine there. The kitchen has a live feel as you can see the chefs working their magic from your table. The waiters are dressed in checked navy blue and white shirts they look cool and are charmingly friendly.

I had the Southern Fried Chicken which was served with an iceberg
Roquefort salad, and it was so crispy and crunchy sinking my teeth into it felt like I had just stepped into fried chicken heaven. If you have never had fried chicken from the USA you have no idea what you are missing out on, this is not anything close to KFC. The blue cheese dressing and the salad complemented the overall meal. This was my winner hands down. The portions are “fine dining” portions.

My friend had the Masala Styled Pork served with grits and green beans and boy the Chef did it again… This dish was plated so simply yet eating it was a treat. I must say the chefs are naturals as they got the seasoning and the flavours of both dishes to the tee. This pork was well prepared and the masala was not too over powering nor did it steal the spotlight from the other components on the plate.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so chilled the music they blended so well with our dining experience. I will definitely be dining here again, so I can indulge in the rest of the offerings on the menu.