When it comes to handbags, Chanel’s styles are pretty high up-there on the wish list. The 2.55 remains a classic, but the more contemporary Boy-bag has been a major competitor since its launch in 2011. Now Chanel has released a new bag dubbed the ‘Gabrielle’.

You may have already seen the bag in your Instagram feed. The style was unveiled on the runway in October at Chanel’s data-centre-themed show. According to WWD, designer Karl Lagerfeld got the idea for the new model of virtual reality glasses. Launched a couple of weeks ago, the Gabrielle is the brand’s first permanent bag design since the aforementioned Boy rolled out six years ago.

Like most Chanel bags, the Gabrielle model comes in about six iterations and a variety of materials, such as classic black lambskin and alligator. Price-wise, the bags will range from $3,000 (R42 000) to about $33,000 (R426 000) for a large style rendered in exotic materials. As for the shape, one of the Gabrielle bags will come in the form of a hobo-styled bag, with a double chain handle that straddles both shoulders. OKAY now this is “levels”!

I am guessing the replica of the Gabrielle is already being manufactured by other retailers such as Zara, which is not a good thing because the bag will soon lose its exclusivity. Although some might say it is good because we all want to own something similar to the Gabrielle after all.