When you walking into a dining room at a hotel, into a restaurant or even think of an ‘over-the-top’ dinner in your own home, you could never imagine the journey that Le Petit Chef will take you on Dinner Time Stories. Don’t imagine, now you are able to experience this 3D culinary and cultural experience around the world, at the Fair City Quatermain Hotel in Sandton.

We were lucky enough to join one of the first groups to experience the launch of the six course “date night on steroids”. Each course represents a different country on the journey. Each is served with it’s props, music, unique table setting and of course, by Le Petit Chef Himself.

The 3D technology used, brings the tiniest chef in the world (58mm) to life! You see the story unfold on the table in front of you as Le Petit Chef jumps of the page and walks around between courses. You can track his journey through the Silk Route of Asia, following in the footsteps of the intrepid explorer, Marco Polo. He explains where his journey began, and you experience every new taste, flavour and combination he encounters on his travels.

After astounding diners from London to Toronto to Dubai, Le Petit Chef Dinner Time Stories has come to the southern hemisphere for the very first time. And, this dining experience is something we’ve really been craving for! Tickets are available immediately and corporate and private packages are on sale too. If you’re looking to blow someone out of the water, this is your chance. This unbelievable, must-have night of travel and dining will be a highlight on your culinary calendar!

The spice-infused six course dining experience will begin with a complimentary glass of champagne with diners also having the option of a wine pairing, all especially chosen to complement the dishes served.The menu is never disclosed beforehand but rest assured that award- winning Executive Chef Tristan Latouf will take care of the culinary delights of the evening.

#dinnertimestoriesSA is sponsored by Hot 91.9 and Air France.