In association with Concerts SA, The Muffinz have started their national tour in Bloemfontein and are heading to KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. Currently in their 7th year of existence, the 4-piece band is on the road for a month-long touring project which includes live performances and music workshops.

We are excited about our upcoming mini-tour called ‘The Muffinz On The Road To: Where You Are’. We will be sharing our take on how The Muffinz sound has evolved to where it is. The tour is called ‘Where You Are’ because it is also the title of their new single.

With no less than five SAMA nominations under their belts and two full-length albums, the quartet released the single Where You Are’ in February. It speaks about love and decision making. Although we don’t choose who we love, we can choose who we spend more time with or even an eternity with… And the song speaks on the phenomena of ‘feeling someone, it’s beyond hearing them, touching them, kissing them, but rather a deeper connection transcending space and time to reach wherever the lover may be” – The Muffinz.