Wigs are a wonderful way of switching up your look without having to commit to a particular hairstyle. Want longer locks or an instant fringe? Buying a wig is an investment. It is important to take good care of your wigs to keep you looking fabulous. Long & Lasting shares a few tips for taking care of your wig:

Style the wig after you have put it on for a natural look.
Use Silicone Serum for extra shine.
Brush gently to keep it tangle free.
Store on a wig head when you are not wearing it.

Don’t forget to wash your wig regularly to keep it looking good.
Don’t put synthetic wigs near sources of heat
Try not to twist the hair, this will help to keep its style
Don’t sleep with your wig on.

Silicone Serum (RSP R34.00) Restores shine and softness to dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Can also be used for weaves. Long & Lasting Silicone Serum can be used on any hair type for a smooth, sleek finish with incredible shine. Can also be used for weaves and is specially formulated  to smooth dry hair and control frizz.

Long & Lasting Silicone Serum improves manageability, making hair easier to style and leaving a silky finish with a non-greasy feel. As an added benefit, a UV filter is included to protect hair from harmful UV rays.

Long and Lasting has recently developed an Oil Sheen Spray Shea Butter Infusion (RSP R27.00). This lightweight formulation gives an instant silky smoothness and shine to weaves, wigs, braids, natural or relaxed hair.

It’s ideal to combat excessive dryness without masking the natural texture of hair, instead the Long and Lasting Oil Sheen Spray Shea Butter Infusion provides a protective layer to hair that continues to allow natural movement and bounce!

Shea Butter is our secret weapon in this fabulous new product to the Long & Lasting range. Shea Butter is world famous for its hair nourishing properties, without weighing it down. The new Shea Butter Infusion Oil Sheen Spray will add ultimate shine to weaves, wigs, braids, natural or relaxed hair.