So often we get home from work and we’re so tired that we just tie our hair up, slap on our PJs and become couch potatoes. When you are in a relationship, you almost get too comfortable, and why not? Your partner loves you for who you are right? Well, every once in a while, especially because it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s good to dress up and go out with your “bae”. This is how you can go out looking like magazine cover-girl:

Skin Care: Skincare is all too important when wanting to do a glam look with makeup. You don’t want to look great for a couple hours then suffer for weeks after because your skin decides to break out. First, moisturise. The Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster is designed to lock in the moisture that normally escapes from your skin, leaving your skin super hydrated. Add a few drops to your daily moisturizer and you are well on your way.

Next, the makeup; Choose a foundation that isn’t super heavy on your skin, keep it fresh and don’t look like you are caking with foundation that’s so thick, that it can peel off your face. Rimmel London is highly recommended. Their foundations are light and medium to full coverage. Next, you want a light Smokey eye to enhance your sexy look. Any colour would do but a smoked-out dark grey with a beautiful red in the middle of the lid would be perfect. Now for the lips; a powerful red would do the trick because everything else is light, you want to make a statement with your lips, you are trying to be romantic after all.  And onto the hair; change it up a little. Do something different! if you wear it up normally wear it down. Straighten, curl, blow-dry, whatever you feel like at that time. A GHD will be the perfect companion for all your styling needs.

Next the dress; you can never go wrong with a LBD (little Black Dress), remember you don’t want to overdo it if you already have a stunning boldface. LBDs are sexy, they are flattering and they show just enough leg. Pair this with a sexy black or red pair of heels and you are ready to go. If you can’t walk in extremely high heel, don’t try, just find a pair that you are comfortable in. Mr. Price, Forever New and Edgars have the perfect LBDs and heels.

Accessorize: You have the perfect look, now all you need is a great bag, earrings, a bracelet and necklace (depending on the dress) and you are good to go. A red bag will match your lipstick and your red shoes if you go that route. Lovisa, have the best range of accessories on offer and have great sales on throughout the year.

Now you are ready to go. It’s a simple process if you just follow the step by step routine, which everyone eventually does figure it out for themselves. Always remember, with or without the extra effort, you are beautiful just the way you are!