These are 5 Trends from New York fashion week that you can wear right this second! FORGET THE RUNWAY. We find our biggest fashion inspirations in the streets and we have 5 mega trends you can adopt today.

  1. Pantsuits
    We will let you infer where this boss-lady trend came from. This season especially, suits have been crawling all over fashion week. Look for them in bright colours and Unexpected patterns. Then dress them down with t-shirt or turtleneck.
    2. Logo Tees
    Part of this wave of maximalism also includes the resurgence of labels and logos. The easiest way to make a brand-loyal statement is through a simple tee. Bonus points if it’s vintage.3. Graphic floral motifs
    ‘Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”, but this year, floral patterns are getting bigger and bolder, and often showing just a single bloom, Look for it on everything from sweaters to handbags.4. Flat boots
    HALLELUJAH! Heels are no longer the be-all and end-all accessory to a fashion forward outfit. We’re increasingly seeing ladies pair their dainty skirts with utilitarian boots. We’d suggest you hop on the comfort train, too.5. Bold Primary Colours
    The meticulously curated, minimalist aesthetic of 2016 is taking the backseat ladies. For 2017, you will see many more vibrant hues. Try it simply in a striking sweater atop jeans.