When I was invited to a ‘wine and style event’ I was a little sceptical because I didn’t know what to expect. There will probably be a group of stylists prescribing what we should wear and advertise their services, what’s new? Well, the surprise came when Janine Starkey opened her mouth to speak, and captivated us all in a matter of seconds.

The amount of experience, attention to detail and analysis that goes into styling someone is incredible. Overall it’s about the confidence you exude, not just about your body shape or size. It’s more than just your clothing that plays a role in your look, your personality and what you’re trying to accomplish are also factors.

Tweak ‘n Style also offer a unique service, personal styling delivered to your door. Tweak is also a fashion label for woman, and if you’d like to book a consultant or see exactly what Tweak ‘n Style can offer, visit http://tweaknstyle.co.za and experience a version of yourself that has been dying to take centre stage.