Everything that is old can be made new again, most of us will be too young to remember the mail system tunnels used to transport mail underground back in the 1930s. The tunnels run from Park Station to Jeppestown Post Office.  At that time Johannesburg had the fastest mailing system in the country, letters and parcels were moved on a conveyor belt between points and ejected through a chute system onto the trains. With over 33 000 bags of letters handled weekly, it was basically another city underneath your feet.

The tunnels have been closed for over 60 years. Urbansoup Architects are Urban designers who are working with the Johannesburg Developing Agency (JDA) and the Heritage Department to redefine the tunnels into an underground park and underground museum similar to the Lowline in New York City.

The organisations are working on a plan that’ll take them 18 months to complete. The aim is to connect various transport hubs and buildings, there will be a host of coffee shops, art galleries and restaurants just to name a few. Imagine taking a 4.1km walk or grabbing something to eat before making your way up into Braamfontein for a night out with mates.