Labels tend to complicate things especially when you’re not completely sure if you want to be with someone exclusively. We’re a generation of people who like to keep our options open till we’re 100% sure that we’ve found the person who might be ‘the one’.

Most of us are so busy working, tending to our social calenderers or other responsibilities, that dating someone is a lot more admin than we’d like it to be, so we keep it simple and ‘untitled’. Sometimes we console ourselves because the company is great, perhaps the intimacy too, but what do you do when Valentine’s day rolls around and that awkwardness come about?

Don’t cut all ties because you’d rather avoid the proverbial elephant in the room. Rather do something that would put you both at ease. Stay indoors and watch a movie, go out to a bar or choose a well-lit restaurant that isn’t big on this ‘holiday’. You can do yourself and your ‘friend’ a favour and stay away from any romantic talk or any formal subject matter, and top of the list would be to be honest.

We’re all looking for love in some shape or form, perhaps your making excused so you can protect that person’s feelings, but as long as you make it clear that a relationship isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll be doing yourself justice.

No one wants to be home alone on the 14th on February, so make that call and just Netflix and chill in great company.