We’re so consumed by our professional lives and trying to either build an empire or establish a reputation in our industries that we forget to look after ourselves. Our family and social responsibilities also take a toll on us, just because you had fun at that party or event the other night, doesn’t mean that it’s helped you much, instead, it drains you even more.

The only way to keep up with the routine is to visit Beauty & Curves in Bedford View. It is a tranquil and peaceful setting where you will receive bespoke treatments to one of which being a vitamin drip.

Beauty & Curves is a medical and aesthetic clinic that prides itself in providing long-term non-invasive, non-chemical treatments to naturally enhance your appearance. So if you need a kick start and a bit more energy, an immune boost for the coming cold months or you’d like your glow back, this treatment is perfect for you.

If you’d like the Mayors Cocktail, it’s 200ml of bliss. It’s a combination of the energy and immune booster and the drip only takes about 30 minutes, depending on your body. The results last about 6 weeks and it is 100 times better than a vitamin B injection.

Once you sit down, get your phone out and relax for a while. Beauty and Curves also integrates different forms of medicine to offer you many solutions to the same problem. With over 100 different treatment for face, body or general wellness, you’ll be booking your next appointment before you leave, we have.

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