Weekly shaving routines, can be very time consuming and tedious. Shaving can cause breakouts, itching, ingrown hairs and skin irritability. It can be quick if you are dry or shaving, or quite a process when using a cream or an oil which is recommended, but whether you use a razor or an electric shaver it’s not always best for your skin.

Waxing your body is said to be healthier for your hair follicles, creating a smoother surface and providing re-growth which is even and grows in one direction. WAXIT, offers you a variety of treatments that will  save your from the uncomfortable results of shaving. Their treatments range from waxing half legs, full legs, arms, underarms, facial features, hands, toes and below the belt treatments, just to name a few. Additionally, they offer, tinting of eye lashes and brow and waxing for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin treatments are WAXIT’s specialty. They use a Hypoallergenic hot wax, that doesn’t require wax strips and is perfect for people with sensitive skin, for the type of skin that would break out, cause rashes and cause irritation. These treatments allow for inclusivity for all skin types.

Top 5 benefits of waxing rather than shaving.

  1. Longer lasting smoothness: The hair is pulled out by roots; therefore it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Whereas when you shave you are only skimming the outer layer of the skin.
  2. Removes dead skin cells: Waxing not only removes hair, it also exfoliates your skin. When you pull out the wax from your skin, it takes away dead cells and leaves a brand-new layer of skin. This is why the body or face feels so smooth after waxing.
  3. Reduces skin hyperpigmentation: That irritating discolouration that comes after shaving is reduced to almost nothing.
  4. Thinner re-growth: The hair grows back thinner because waxing weakens the hair follicles.

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