African culture is celebrated in the month of May, and to end off the month the Department of Arts & Culture launched a proudly African fashion show. The events aim is to preserve, protect and promote the cultural heritage and linguistic diversity and legacy of the African continent. On the day, the exhibited hosted amazing fashion and music, from all over the continent.

Jerry Deeuw Media brought their proudly African artists to the event, artists who truly have a sense of authenticity to their craft. Jerome Run says, his music speaks about infusing his culture and heritage and telling a story through his lyrics. He also adds “our fashion is on an international scale and we can compete on the world stage.”

Mpumelelo says “a lot of our music does not sound authentic and the videos do not look like they were made by us” so the aim here is to bring the world to Africa through real Hip Hop, designer Chisoma Lombe designer of Chizo Designs says that there is no need for Africa to look to the world for inspiration, we are sort after and the world needs to come to us.

To get a taste of these musicians visit them online; Jerome run – and Tu Black –