Many vintage trends are making a come back. The style and sophistication of older gadgets and technology has never really gone out of fashion and companies are just trying to improve on them. For example, Polaroid cameras. They were a thing of the past, where families as far back as the 50’s have faded memories on their standard square images. Fast forward fifty odd years, and instant and fast technology is the way to go. A new and improved Polaroid camera, gives you the instant image, on a smaller image but you can have the past meet the future.

The actual camera is small and compact enough to keep in your travel bag, handbag or glove compartment. It takes a canister of 10 images for you to snap away. You can easily change over the canisters and you’re ready to continue making memories. The images are smaller than the conventional Polaroids, and you can get plain ones or if you enjoy patterns and funky images you can swap the plain ones out for star-shaped, comic backgrounds, plain black and so the list goes on.

You could win one of these amazing cameras, in Lime Green, plus a box of film to get you started. All you need to do it follow the link to see how! CLICK HERE!!