In this ever-growing food-centred culture of ours, we tend to get tired of eating at the same places and that adventurous spirit comes out. Well, even if you’re not in the mood to drive too far Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar at 11 Alice Lane in Sandton will be that change you’ve been craving for.

The restaurant is an extension of an art gallery so it’s full of character. The restaurant has beautiful sculpture pieces and paintings which are carefully curated and fit in perfectly with the modern sophistication of the space.

My first recommendation is to have their Gin Fusion while you’re deciding what to eat. It is gin at it’s best and the most delicious drink I’ve had in a while! Their menu is packed with great dishes and more dishes are going to be added soon. Don’t underestimate their sweetcorn or tomato soup and their ostrich fillet with sweet potato puree, seasonal roasted vegetables and red wine jus is highly recommended.

If you’re someone who’d rather skip the dessert menu and rather have a cheese plate, you won’t regret your choice. And if an entire lunch or dinner isn’t in your plans, grab a drink after work and enjoy their bar snacks and other bites. Wishbone is definitely an up and coming food hotspot in Johannesburg that’ll have you craving the atmosphere and the food!