The Old Biscuit Mill is nestled in Papendorp named after Pieter van Papendorp who had settled in the area during the mid-eighteenth century. It is now more commonly known as Woodstock, a vibrant suburb combining a village atmosphere with a sense of inner-city living.
The Mill is a creative person’s dream where they can meet like-minded individuals to spend time with. Accompanied by its exquisite 16th-century architecture the Old Biscuit Mill hosts Day and night markets, offers zestful office spaces, an array of workshops and designer stores, a range of delectable farm stalls, decadent restaurants as well as a verity of inspiring festivals and productions.

The Old Biscuit Mill is a must visit next time you stop over in Cape Town. You will only will you acquire knowledge of the Old Papendorp from the locals, but also familiarise yourself with the now avant-garde neighbourhood of Woodstock.