Healthy summer eating has just been taken to the next level, thanks to the launch of the newest global dessert maker sensation, Yonanas, in South Africa.

Selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016 in the USA, the latest healthy product on everyone’s lips around the world is finally available in South Africa.  Currently available through local retailer, Yuppiechef, the Yonanas brand has already been a hit with South Africans.

Having been on the international market since 2011, this phenomenal healthy dessert maker transforms your fruit basket into an soft-serve parlour.

Looking for ways to boost your fruit intake? Yonanas serves as a fruit soft serve machine that instantly turns 100% frozen fruit into a smooth “ice-cream” like treat.

Managing Director of CaterMarket, Dawie Breet, who brought this product to SA, believes that Yonanas is “the perfect summer product that will serve you all year around”.                                                   

All health enthusiasts are in for a treat when purchasing their very own Yonanas dessert maker. Included with the purchase of this revolutionary health product is a recipe book with more than 130 recipes. You can now create simple and elegant homemade desserts.

Yonanas currently offers two products, The Classic and Elite models, which retails from R995. To order your very own Yonanas healthy dessert maker directly from Yuppiechef, check out: www.yuppiechef.comVisit the official Yonanas SA website for more details: