The thrill and adrenalin rush that you get from flying doesn’t come from sitting at home, but rather by taking chances and trying something new. I’m not talking about a plane ride; I’m referring to feeling the wind on your face as you sore through the air. How, you might ask, by
doing Parasailing.

There is no better freedom than having your arms and legs dangle as you’re up in the air taking it all in. After all, you
are tied to a boat and nothing can distract you from the view especially with the added safety of a parachute above you. Being able to let go and just take in the amazing feeling of flying is a rare experience.

You don’t have to be much of a dare devil to try this as it’s far different from jumping off a cliff or out of a plane. The boat only moves at about 60km per hour and with the rope being 100m long, you’re lifted about 80m into the air. Now you can honestly admit that you’ve had the wind beneath your ‘wings’.

What makes this even more exciting is that once you’ve lifted off the ground, you can let go of the bar which your harness is tied to and you can leisurely enjoy every moment. Wind speeds and direction are a key factor for parasailing but not matter which way the wind blows; there is a lake to cushion your fall if ever it had to happen.

It’s so refreshing landing back in the water after that time spent in the air. It might not get your blood pumping like skydiving would, but there is nothing better than that freedom you feel. Take your Go-Pro with you, you can do it with a partner or by yourself, take that leap of faith and you’ll be sure to have an amazing time.